Quick Update!


I had to ban IP address on the forums. Sadly the people posting that caused issues had IP address listed as Russia. So I banned the IP range that I saw. If your IP is banned I am sorry about that.

Forum and Website additions


Added Co-Op# 8 to both the forum and website. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse will be releasing Tues 2/23 at 12PM EST on the channel! It will follow a Tues Thurs release schedule till it is done and more will come out once we get around to doing the new content they will be adding in the 2nd week of March!

On the forum I added Co-Op# 9 20XX. This one is still a few weeks away from being released but since it is more of a pain to make a new forum topic over a new page for a project I just made both them at once on the forums.

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