MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS – I wrote this back on 07.02.16 on Twitter so I don’t have the spoilers in red text.

Let me start this off by saying this was the first anime that made me excited to watch it and couldn’t what that I went and read the manga. At the time of writing this I have read up to chapter 133.

Now I always see the comments “but the manga is better” and you know what that may be true most of the time. But I watched this anime and while I did skip around in videos I felt sad it felt rushed. Now I am not expecting everything from the manga to be in the anime but I felt like parts got taken out for the sake of speed. Taking out a section with the cast sitting around talking about food? Sure. Taking out a section that builds backstory? No.

Most of my issues with anime as of late has been the lack of backstory on main characters and reoccurring sub characters. I don’t think the anime did the characters justice. Could I look at this differently if I did the anime before the manga? Sure but I didn’t so this is why I said “I don’t think” since I already know the backstory’s of the characters.

I will give this anime high marks for the section they decided to end the season on. A whole new set of challenges show up for our MC and I am interested to see if they decide to do a second season if they will do the flashbacks that the manga did. If they do that will make me give them high marks.

All in all I enjoyed seeing these characters come to life. I am glad to hear the voiced and I don’t know about everyone else but when I read manga I read it in the voice I think they would have and for the most part the voices I heard in the anime matched up to the voices in my head. (Not saying it was 100% but I didn’t think someone had a deep voice and they came out with a very high voice.)

The animation was ok. Nothing to write home about but it was not bad.

So all in all I do recommend this series. Characters you can like. The seriousness and funny are balanced fairly well. If I didn’t read the manga I wouldn’t have been as hard on this series. But in all honesty I like this anime and I hope you will enjoy it. After you watch the anime give the manga a try. This series gripped me so hard that in less than 24 hours I was up to what was being released without even noticing it. (Only noticed because it started over. At first I thought it was a flashback section but nope I looked up and saw “Chapter 1” and was very sad.)

I have this a 7/10