Bungou Stray Dogs



From Spring 2016. Aired 04.07.16 – 06.23.16

If you looked at my list on Myanimelist you might have seen I originally dropped this series. When I first watched it I couldn’t see how a plot was going to develop on this show. But what made me give it another try? It was an Anime Music Video. I know deciding to pick a series back up due to an music video seems silly but I decided that since it got a second season to give it a try. I mean come on only good anime get a second season right?

We start off with one of the oldest ideas. MC has some power. No one likes MC. MC is an outsider. Stranger shows interest in MC. But then the series seems to go all over the place. This is what made me decide to drop it. But the “all over the place” starts to fall together like a puzzle. This turned out to be a very fun experience to follow. The introduction of characters ability’s and the characters themselves.

Outside of the MC and the person who took interest in the MC the background info for other characters is very lacking. It seems like the only answer give for people is that they are orphans. But for some reason when something happens to a character you want to know what became of them. One of the rare cases I have found that even without a background I care for a character. I feel that if in the second season they give more background info on other characters it will get us the audience more attached to characters.

The animation and art style is good and interesting. You get a serious vibe from the art but then you get the comical art for parts. After a few episodes I grew to like the art and animation.

Story is a hard one for me. This wouldn’t be a series that you pay half attention to. Very little happens or is said that doesn’t have meaning. Even when characters are sitting around drinking tea something is being hinted at or the discussion they are having leads to something. Lose ends is something I can’t comment on due to a second season but I haven’t seen to many lose ends not be tied up in the same episode or a few later.

Over all I feel some parts got rushed but I think the point is still being conveyed.

I gave this a 7/10 because of the all over the place nature. Yes at the end of the season I enjoyed it but I have a hard time telling friends when recommending a series to watch past X episode and pay attention to everything. It feels like I am giving the a chore to do when I suggest an anime like that. Another part is the wimpy MC. I like a show that doesn’t have the MC be OP out of the gate but the progress this MC makes is so little. We get it you are an orphan and treated poorly. But every time you are in a bad situation recalling the memories of being treated poorly gets old after awhile. We get it we feel bad for you. But get past it. If you can’t get help from a professional. But I would recomend this series to anyone who wants to follow a somewhat complex story and play putting puzzles together before the show does it for you. I have high hopes for the second season.

Mystic 12.14.16

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